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  • Jessica Rhoads

    Standards of Interest

    Posted in: Groundwater Forum

    The following new or revised standards are currently under review, accepting comments from stakeholders. I've selected those that may be of interest to the NGWA membership to list below. Deadlines for comment submission are indicated below. For further...

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    David Donohue

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    Dave Schrecengost

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Signs in groundwater may help predict earthquakes six months in advance

Chemical spikes in water due to stress building up in the rocks could hold clues to forecasting tremors, scientists say Scientists searching for a way to predict earthquakes have uncovered the most promising lead yet, after uncovering tell-tale chemical spikes in groundwater up to six months before tremors struck. Major earthquakes can kill hundreds of thousands of people, as in Haiti in 2010 ...

Groundwater management plan proposed

A public hearing is slated for Tuesday, Oct. 7 on a new plan to manage groundwater in the Santa Rosa...

Silicon Valley Region Leads in Groundwater Sustainability

photo: A percolation pond inside the Santa Clara Valley Water District. (James Wang/World Journal)SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- As new laws to regulate groundwater for the first time in California are set to take effect next year, Santa Clara County could...

Groundwater bill opens door to restrictions on wells

Gov. Jerry Brown on Tuesday signed several bills that will for the first time regulate the pumping of groundwater, opening the door to restrictions on wells.

New rules easing or aiding drought?

California has finally adapted new regulations when it comes to groundwater usage. But will they have any effect on the drought?

California's water rules: Easing or aiding drought?

California has finally adapted new regulations when it comes to groundwater usage. But some experts say they will have no effect on the drought.

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