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    RE: Infiltration of secondary recharge through thick...

    Posted in: Groundwater Forum

    Here are a few references that might be of interest: "Groundwater Recharge in a Desert Environment," published by AGU in 2004 as part of the Water Science and Applications (#9 in the series). J.F. Hogan, F.M. Philips, and B.R. Scanlon are the...

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    RE: No-purge sampling references

    Posted in: Groundwater Forum

    Very good continued discussion. Passive methods are not ALL "bias free" so don't be too broad, Andy. Many of them show parity, but not all of them. Demonstrating accuracy is still important for any method. Why would wells yield the same results...

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    RE: No-purge sampling references

    Posted in: Groundwater Forum

    You should take a look at "Passive Diffusion Bags" and "HydraSleeves". Both of these sampling methods allow you to collect samples which have shown to have comparable analyticals. Just do a web search for either of the above and you'll find the information...

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    RE: No-purge sampling references

    Posted in: Groundwater Forum

    Go to NGWA's website and search passive diffusion bags (PDBs). There are confirmation studies. I disagree that all methods produce bias. The accepted methods in the industry are used because no statistically significant bias (regarding the specified...

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Groundwater Industry News

Merced County ordinance would regulate groundwater

An ordinance that would regulate the sale and transfer of groundwater in Merced County is one step closer to being approved.

Well owners encouraged to test their water

Private well owners are being encouraged to follow well protection practices and have their water tested following a recent review of groundwater quality for Horizons Regional Council.

San Francisco To Blend Groundwater With Hetch Hetchy Drinking Supply

San Francisco's PUC has begun digging in and around Golden Gate Park in search of water flows with plans to pump up to four million gallons a day to blend into the Hetch Hetchy tap water supply by 2016.

San Francisco turning to groundwater for its taps

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - San Francisco's pristine tap water from mountain runoff in the Sierra Nevada soon may be a little less pure. City officials plan to mix groundwater into the supply starting in 2015 or 2016 in an effort to diversify and increase water reserves during California's ...

California drought: S.F. wants to add groundwater to tap

Most city spigots, which, since the 1930s, have gushed water from Yosemite’s pristine Hetch Hetchy Reservoir, will start delivering the Sierra supply blended with a splash of local groundwater — by many measures, a far inferior source. The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission recently began digging in and around Golden Gate Park in hopes of drawing underground flows into the mix within the ...

CRL Water Runs Deep

The groundwater that lies beneath the proposed City Rail Link (CRL) station near Karangahape Road is being investigated in a two month test in Beresford Square.

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