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    ConsensusDocs Seeking Comments

    Posted in: Groundwater Forum

    7/22/2014 ConsensusDocs has invited industry stakeholders to submit feedback on the primary agreements and subcontracts hosted within their catalog. NGWA is seeking input from the community by September 1, 2014. Comments should be recorded in...

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    CWA Definition of Waters of the US Webinar

    Posted in: Groundwater Forum

    U.S. EPA is holding a webinar on Wednesday, July 16, from 2 to 3 p.m. EST to discuss the EPA and Army Corps of Engineers proposed rule to define Waters of the U.S. under the Clean Water Act. To register for the webinar go tohttp://mp118885.cdn.mediaplatform.com/118885/ml/mp/4000/5345/5417/37758/Lobby/default.htm...

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  • Denis Crayon

    RE: NGWA water well construction standard process...

    Posted in: Groundwater Forum

    Thank you very much for the update...you never know if or when you have to hold your breath. Congratulations to all who worked so hard to make this happen! Truly outstanding! I look forward to when the standard is available. Thanks again, ...

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    RE: NGWA water well construction standard process...

    Posted in: Groundwater Forum

    An update for all who are interested--- The ANSI/NGWA Water Well Construction Standard was not appealed, and has been sent to the printer for publication. We anticipate the Standard will be available in the NGWA online bookstore within the...

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Groundwater Industry News

Satellite data show big groundwater loss in Colorado River Basin

For more than a decade, photos of the biggest reservoirs on the Colorado River have shown the dramatic drop in water levels caused by prolonged drought. But a new study suggests the greatest water losses have gone sight unseen.

Satellites reveal swift groundwater loss in western United States

Drought-stricken Colorado River Basin is drawing down underground reservoirs.

Precious Groundwater Sucked Up by Thirsty Towns as Drought Rages On

California governor Jerry Brown in January challenged towns and state agencies to cut their water use by 20 percent. "Despite our longstanding water problems, we don't accurately report and measure water in any sector -- urban or agricultural," Peter Gleick, president of the Pacific Institute, a water think tank in Oakland, told James Nash of Bloomberg News. All of California is in severe ...

Groundwater levels plunge in southwest

The data comes as policymakers wrestle over how to manage the use of groundwater, often farmers' last resort, NBC News reports.

Colorado River Groundwater Disappearing at 'Shocking' Rate

As the Southwest's drought has worsened in the last decade, making surface water scarce, millions of people are drawing more heavily on underground water supplies. Between December 2004 and November 2013, more than 75 percent of the water lost in the Colorado River Basin was from groundwater, according to the study. The results show that groundwater is already being used to fill the gap between ...

Satellites show major Southwest groundwater loss

Groundwater losses from the Colorado River basin appear massive enough to challenge long-term water supplies for the seven states and parts of Mexico that it serves, according to a new study released Thursday ...

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