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clean and dirty.

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    Sonic Water Level Meter

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    We are wanting to invest in a sonic water level meter to measure inside a dedicated probe tube during test pumping in order to verify proper functioning of our transducer. We would like to measure inside the same tube that contains the transducer....

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Groundwater Industry News

High Plains coal-bed methane reservoir deal headed to vote

An agreement between Wyoming environmental regulators, a gas developer and a bond surety company would put the surety company in charge of inventory and reclamation of as many as 143 small reservoirs containing groundwater from coal-bed methane wells.

UW Engineer Models Groundwater to Help Farmers at Home and Abroad

Argentina might seem a long way to go for an environmental engineer seeking to better understand land use in Wisconsin. But there are some surprising parallels between the two countries' histories of land use and ecohydrology that could help farmers and officials make better groundwater decisions.

Water Live

The NSW Office of Water (NOW) is responsible for the management of surface and groundwater resources in NSW.To be able to manage these...

Fresh Evidence of Groundwater on Mars: Research

Researchers have found fresh evidence of the presence of groundwater on Mars.

Fresh evidence for groundwater on Mars

London, March 29 (IANS) Researchers have found fresh evidence of groundwater presence on the Red Planet. Scientists investigated the Equatorial Layered Deposits (ELDs) of Arabia Terra in Firsoff crater area of Mars to understand their formation and potential habitability, according to a new study published in GSA Bulletin. The scientists interpreted the mounds as smaller spring deposits, the ...

Willcox water users aim for new conservation option

By Carol Broder Eastern Arizona Courier WILLCOX — Since the Groundwater Management Act of 1980, the State of Arizona has two water management tools designed to manage groundwater withdrawal and use — Active Management Areas and Irrigation Non-Expansion Areas. A group of Willcox Basin farmers, vintners and homeowners are working to add a third, the “Willcox Basin Groundwater Conservation Area ...

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