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Groundwater Industry News

Merced County hires expert to help draft groundwater ordinance

The topic of groundwater is a complicated one, but regulating the scarce commodity – which is as precious as liquid gold for struggling farmers in a drought year – is even tougher.

If You Think the Water Crisis Can't Get Worse, Wait Until the Aquifers Are Drained

As drought ravages surface water supplies, we're pumping groundwater to save us. And it will—for a while.

New groundwater monitoring system to prevent CSG problems

THE Clarence Moreton basin surrounding Casino will be included in a water monitoring project announced by the State Government to map groundwater resources around the state.

NSW unveils new groundwater monitoring plan for CSG flashpoints

The Baird government will increase its monitoring of groundwater, starting with three coal seam gas flashpoints, in a bid to ease community concerns about the impact of the emerging industry.

California lawmakers considering historic shift in groundwater policy

As California continues to endure a calamitous lack of water from the sky, the state could, for the first time, start to regulate water drawn from the ground.

Groundwater Is Drying Up Fast Under Western States, Study Finds

The Colorado River Basin, which supplies irrigation and groundwater for most of the West, is drying up faster than expected. Part of the problem is a drought-driven over-reliance on groundwater.

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