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clean and dirty.

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  • Richard Thron

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    Wayne another source for tremie definition is found in Groundwater and Wells 3rd Edition page 772. It is also mentioned in several areas of the book in different applications and sizes Richard Thron

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    http://www.halliburton.com/en-US/ps/cementing/cementing-software-solutions/job-design/eredbook-software.page [cid:image001.png@01CD5B66.B4907410] THOMAS MOHR SENIOR HYDROGEOLOGIST HG 98 Groundwater Monitoring and Analysis Unit Water...

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    Correction to URL for Halliburton cement calculator: two L's in Halliburton. Great info - thanks for your detailed pos

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    best location for drinking water well

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    Where is the best area in USA and California for drinking water well?

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Groundwater Industry News

Contaminated water dumping in Kern County

BAKERSFIELD, CA - Oil producers in Kern County are accused of dumping contaminated wastewater that could make it into our groundwater. The Los Angeles Times obtained a survey conducted by the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board, which uncovered more than 300 unlined pits or troughs in the dirt that hold water produced from fracking and other oil-drilling operations ...

FF wants unused groundwater used next year

Irrigators should be allowed to carry forward their unused groundwater takes from one year to the next, a Federated Farmer's spokesman says.

Ghana yet to realize full potential of its groundwater

Enoch Asare, Head of Ground Water Resources at the Water Resources Commission (WRC) said Ghana is yet to realize the full potential of its groundwater resources as a water supply option in our socio-economic development.

'Proposed neutrino project will affect groundwater resources in Western Ghats'

The entire Western Ghats are aquifers and birthplace of peninsular rivers.

Grundfos: Extended SP submersible pump range sets new standards for high energy efficiency

Grundfos has launched an extended range of high-efficiency medium-sized SP submersible groundwater pumps. The increase in pump efficiency and improved wear resistance enhances further the reputation the ...

Yes, you can drink it - and you probably are: O.C. toilet-to-tap recycled water program is expanding

Three thin streams of water fall into a row of steel sinks at Orange County Water District’s Groundwater Replenishment System facility in Fountain Valley: one crystal clear, one slightly yellowed, one a brackish brown-black.Don’t drink the yellow...

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